Thursday, December 28, 2006

Edwards Announces, Will Be in Reno Tomorrow Night

John Edwards has announced his intention to run for President in New Orleans' 9th Ward which was devastated by hurricane Katrina last year. This was not really a big surprise since his plans have been public for more than a week now. It would have been a bigger surprise had he announced his withdrawal from the race.

Edwards will follow his announcement by a tour of the first primary and caucus states, including a stop in Reno on Friday night. You can get tickets for his townhall meeting at the Grand Sierra Resort here.

If you're an Edwards supporter you might also be interested in the interactive features of his website. The Edwards campaign has launched a Daily Kos style blog where you can register and write your own diaries. You can also register with a "One Corps" chapter in Nevada. Seems like Edwards has now raised the standard for campaign websites. It will be interesting to see what other candidates will have to offer once they announce.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Edwards for Christmas

Reportedly, former Senator John Edwards is ready to announce he's going to run for President - after spending almost two years in Iowa. According to these reports he will announce in New Orleans around Christmas and then tour the first primary and caucus states, including Nevada. So watch out for the Senator while returning your Christmas gifts.

Obama's Ready

Kucinich in, Bayh and Daschle out

It seems like the presidential field, at least on the Democratic side, will be pretty much set by the beginning of the year. In the last couple of weeks there were several developments.

2004 presidential candidate and former Cleveland mayor, Congressman Dennis Kucinich declared his intention to run for President again in 2008. What's different this time around? He's married now. That would be the cynical answer. What's also changed is the sentiment about the war in Iraq. Kucinich voted against the war, against the PATRIOT Act and has proposed a Department for Peace.

Meanwhile it was quite obvious that the campaigns of former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle and former Governor and now Senator Evan Bayh were going nowhere. They both declared they would not run. Bayh did so only a couple of days after being in New Hamphshire on the same day as Senator Barack Obama. While Obama's events were standing room only and still sold out, Bayh drew not much more than 100 people interested in his campaign. There was hardly a newscast not mentioning this while reporting about Obama. This unfortunate timing turned Bayh's campaign into something like a joke.