Saturday, June 30, 2007

ABBA Explaining Iraq

Gotta love Abba:

It's a shame that some of the Democratic presidential candidates voted for this war, are unable and/or unwilling to end it by defunding it and in one instance refuse to fully recognize their misjudgment and refuse to apologize.

Friday, June 29, 2007

The Most Ridiculous Fundraising Email Ever

When one is on the email list of a presidential candidate (or in my case of every presidential candidate) one has to bare a lot of b.s. mails, especially at the end of quarter when all the fundraising mails are sent out.

One tries to take it in stride. However that is not always possible. Here is the most ludicrous, ridiculous, idiotic fundraising email yet:

Looking for another reason to support Joe Biden for President? We promise that during a Biden Administration, Dick Cheney will not be a member of the EXECUTIVE OR LEGISLATIVE branch of government.

Support Joe Biden for President. There's one day left before the second quarter filing deadline.
Make a contribution by midnight Saturday.

Good Lord!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

In Nevada, Hillary Clinton Gets Biggest Endorsement Yet

Today, Hillary Clinton received the biggest endorsement in her quest to win the Nevada Caucus as of yet. State Treasurer Kate Marshall of Reno is the latest edition to Hillary's growing Nevada endorsement list:

Marshall, a Democrat who was first elected in November, said she is endorsing Clinton because of Clinton’s fiscal policies.

“It is all to do with her fiscal policy,” Marshall said. “I like her comment on government reform. I really appreciate that she no longer wants to be a debtor nation and that we need to live within our means. She doesn’t believe that tax dollars represent an unlimited credit card.”

Marshall said Clinton understand the importance of the business sector in shaping a strong economy.

“She is the candidate who understand that you can’t have a strong economy without a strong business community,” Marshall said. “She talks about shared prosperity. In other to make the economy strong, you have to have a strong business community and you have to have a strong work force. These two are codependent and I like it when I hear someone identify the fact that we need a strong business community.”

Now, there have been other endorsements before Marshall. They are Clark County Commissioner Rory Reid, State Senate Min. Leader Dina Titus, former Gov. Bob Miller, and former Attorney General Frankie Sue del Papa.

Why does Marshall's endorsement eclipse those of the other important current and former officials. Three reasons:

  • Kate Marshall is the only current statewide official so far to endorse any candidate.
  • Kate Marshall is the only northern Nevadan to endorse any candidate. She is also the only Democratic northern Nevadan statewide official.
  • Kate Marshall is a rising star in Nevada. She is a possible candidate for any higher office, including Governor, US House and Senate.

All in all, she was the top prize in northern Nevada. And Hillary snatched her.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Fundraising: Hillary Uses Bill, Edwards Uses Coulter - Again

It's the end of the fundraising quarter - and frankly: I'm sick of it. It's the same old, the same idiotic emails, the same pitches as last quarter. Some campaigns are even using the same people to rake in some money. Hillary once again asked her husband, the former President, to send out a fundraising email - which fails to surprise (though it is still weird to check your emails and find one from Bill Clinton).

What is surprising is that, once again, dumbpundit Ann Coulter couldn't keep her mouth shut about John Edwards. You'd think she would have learned after Edwards used her last slur against him to rake in some cash, but no, here she goes again:

And once again, the Edwards campaign does the only appropriate thing. Slam her and ask for donations in response. The Coulter for Edwards fundraising drive is on again.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Yucca Opponent Newest Member of Hillary's Nevada Team

Las Vegas CityLife reports that Peggy Maze Johnson, the former executive director of Citizen Alert, joined Hillary Clinton's Nevada campaign this month. Citizen Alert is best known for its efforts in opposing the nuclear waste dump at Yucca Mountain.

"The bottom line is the best way to defeat Yucca Mountain is to elect a Democrat, and I believe that Democrat is going to be Hillary Clinton," said Johnson, who has worked for Citizen Alert since 2002. "She's absolutely right on Nevada issues and Yucca Mountain, in particular."

The Hillary Clinton campaigns enthusiasm seems mutual:

"Peggy Maze Johnson has been a stalwart on the political scene," said Hilarie Grey, communications director of Clinton's Nevada campaign. "She has great networks. She knows about all the issues. She understands what's going to be important for Nevada in this presidential election. The experience she brings is going to be a great asset to our campaign and Hillary Clinton's efforts to win the Nevada caucus."

One could argue that this kind of a recruitment might be more important for Hillary's campaign in the long run than the big-name endorsements of (former) elected officials like Gov. Miller and Sen. Titus as the Las Vegas Sun writes that endorsements are not as important anymore as they once used to be.

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The Economist on Obama in Reno

The Economist has been profiling the major presidential candidates in recent weeks. This week, it's Obama's turn. As it happens, an Economist reporter was at his first event in Reno. You'll find a couple of paragraphs which include Reno references below. Read the whole profile here.

LIKE a movie star, he is late, but that only whets his fans' appetite to see him. Thousands stand under the vicious mid-day sun in a park in Reno, Nevada. No other presidential candidate could pull such a large, passionate or politically diverse crowd. Reggie Willis, a medical student, voted for George Bush in 2004 but now says Barack Obama is “the guy America is waiting for”. Eileen Larsen, from California, thinks he is “one of the best I've seen”, but worries that her vote will make no difference because Mr Bush is planning a coup.

Mr Obama eventually moseys onto the stage and starts massaging the crowd with his seductive baritone. The current philosophy in Washington, he says, is that “if you are a child that didn't have the wisdom to choose the right parents”—he pauses—“you're on your own.” Everyone cheers. He calls for a new, less selfish, less timid politics that “reflects the core decency of the American people”. The crowd is too wound up in loving him to wonder what, in practice, that might actually involve.

Of all those running for president, Mr Obama is by far the best orator. People feel that he is addressing them individually. Michelle, a fan in Reno who works with the mentally ill, says she posted a suggestion on his website urging steps to make it harder for crazy people to buy guns. Later, to her delight, Mr Obama made precisely that suggestion. Michelle thinks she prompted him. Others suspect that the distinction belongs to the crazy gunman who murdered 32 people in Virginia that week.


It probably helps that he is black (or, at least, mixed-race). A generation ago, this would have been a fatal disadvantage. But now many white Americans have what Mr Obama calls a “hunger for any optimistic sign from the racial front”. Many would love to elect a black president, to demonstrate to the world and themselves that they are not bigots. Other things being equal, Mr Obama's blackness “might tip the scales,” says Lisa Rabinowitz, a white social worker in Reno. “It's time. So far it's been all upper-class white males.”

The profile's very long and interesting, depicting, from the Economist's view, the pros and cons of Obama's ability to lead and win. You can read it in its entirety here.


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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Hillary Gets Former Gov. Candidate Dina Titus' Endorsement

Dina Titus (l) and her mother Betty with Hillary

The Gleaner reports that the 2006 Democratic gubernatorial nominee and State Senator from Las Vegas Dina Titus today endorsed Hillary Clinton for President. This is interesting in many respects:

One, all the prominent women in Nevada so far have gone for Hillary - most notably former Attorney General
Frankie Sue del Papa, with Las Vegas Congresswoman Shelley Berkley contributing to Hillary, and only Hillary, in the first quarter.

Two, Titus was one of the high profile endorsements and most sought after because of "Team Titus" - her volunteers from last year's campaign. It remains to be seen whether they'll all support Hillary but it's fair to assume that the majority probably will.

Three, it'll be interesting to see if this will have any impact on the NV-03 race. Reportedly, both Titus and fellow Hillary supporter Rory Reid are interested in taking on Jon Porter.

Four, now that Titus has come out of the woods watch out for other endorsements to come out very quickly, most noticeably by elected statewide officials who were asked to remain neutral as long as possible.

Five, Obama, Edwards, et al. will have some catching up to do.

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LV Sun's Jerk Reporter

I just read a condescending piece of shit article on Dennis Kucinich's fundraiser in Las Vegas on Saturday. You'd expect something like this from the Las Vegas Review Journal but it's actually by the Las Vegas Sun's Brendan Buhler. Read it and puke.

Meet Michelle Obama in Vegas

Michelle Obama will be in Las Vegas tomorrow for the kickoff event for "Nevada Women for Obama":

Time: Wednesday, June 13 at 9:30 AM
Duration: 90 minutes
Host: Alison Schwartz
Contact Phone: 702-253-2008
Cambridge Recreation Center (Las Vegas, NV)
3930 Cambridge St.
Las Vegas, NV 89119

RSVP here.


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Bill Richardson in Las Vegas this Wednesday

Bill Richardson will be campaigning in Las Vegas tomorrow:

Wednesday, June 13 -- Pacific Time

WHEN: 1:00 pm
WHAT: Education rally with community leaders, teachers and parents at Reynaldo Martinez Elementary School
WHERE: 350 E. Judson Ave., North Las Vegas, NV

WHEN: 3:30 pm
WHAT: Meeting with the Nevada Central Labor Council
WHERE: Teamsters Local 631 Hall, 700 N. Lamb Blvd. Las Vegas, NV

WHEN: 4:30 pm
WHAT: Kick off of the Richardson for President Nevada Canvass
WHERE: 1923 S. 6th St., Las Vegas, NV

WHEN: 6:00 pm
WHAT: Speech to the Las Vegas Stonewall Democrats
WHERE: Flamingo Library, 1401 E. Flamingo Rd., Las Vegas, NV

WHEN: Evening
WHAT: Fundraising
WHERE: Las Vegas, NV

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Obama's and Hillary's Online Nevada Headquarters Up & Running

Bill Richardson is not the only candidate anymore with an online presence focused on Nevada. Both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton now have online "Nevada Headquarters" up and running. When you take a look at what other states thus far have special pages at these candidates' campaign sites, you'll find New Hampshire and Iowa at Richardson's, Obama's, Edwards', and Hillary's site, South Carolina at Richardson's and Obama's site and Illinois only at Obama's site. This once again goes to prove the importance of the Nevada Caucus in the Democratic Party's primary process.

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"No More Blood for Oil"

Dennis Kucinich's first ad:

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Harry Reid on the Republican Field

I don't talk all that much about the Republican presidential candidates as this is a blog about the Democratic Caucus in Nevada. So, I'll just let Nevada Senator Harry Reid speak for me:

I’ve learned one thing in listening to all the debates and reading about all these people running for office, and the one fact I’ve learned, I can’t get out of my mind, is that Rudy Giuliani has been married more times than Mitt Romney’s been hunting.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Reactions to Obama in Reno and Carson City

Barack Obama made his first trip to Northern Nevada yesterday. In different news reports the crowd was estimated between 3,000 and 4,000 - surpassing Hillary's 3,000 in Reno a month ago. Interestingly, Obama's visit was on a work day while Hillary's town hall was on a Sunday. Here's a sample of the reactions:

Nevada Appeal: Carson City cheers Obama

Assemblywoman Bonnie Parnell, D-Carson City, said she was impressed with Obama even though he didn't go into detail about his politics.

"I think we were all just waiting at that point to shake his hand and have kind of a private little conversation with him," she said. "I think he's very exciting."

Assemblywoman Sheila Leslie, D-Reno, said she liked how Obama talked about his experience as a state legislator.

"Of course," she said, "that's a very popular thing for us to hear."

Leslie said she is supporting Obama for president, and likes being in a state that has an early primary that gives her the chance to meet so many possible presidential candidates.

After Obama left the Legislative Building, he went to a home on Kings Canyon Road where amateur and professional politicians cheered a speech he gave from a flight of stairs in the living room.

Nevada Appeal: Obama: Bush's environmental policy 'deeply disturbing'

After addressing a campaign-friendly crowd of more than 3,000 at Wingfield Park, U.S. Sen. Barack Obama told the Tahoe Daily Tribune on Thursday he would work to reverse environmental laws rolled back from the Bush administration's time in office.


"Certainly, there's been a chipping away at clean-air and clean-water laws. It's deeply disturbing. Fortunately, some of them can be reversed by executive order," he said in the media conference after the afternoon rally.

Obama explained the Environmental Protection Agency has been demoralized and "not taken seriously." He added the Federal Emergency Management Agency to the fray of agencies intimidated by the politics of the day.

"These people need to feel they can carry out their jobs with vigor. I'll tell you, one of the things you can count on me for is integrity, confidence and people who are experts at management and (are) independent. I want somebody to argue with me and tell me when I'm wrong. That's what my wife does," he said.

Reno Gazette-Journal: Obama strikes a cord with locals

Barack Obama hit a chord with Danette and Bill Thomas when he talked about the civil rights movement as his inspiration.

The retired Minden couple were involved in the movement in the 1960s and remain involved today.

"I have the same emotions with him as I had with John Kennedy," Danette said. "He was the first person I got to vote for when I was young. He just has that charisma."

The Thomases were among more than 4,000 people who baked in the hot sun for more than two hours to wait and then listen to the Democratic presidential candidate's speech at Wingfield Park in downtown Reno.

"He spoke on everything I believe in," Danette said. "Ending the war. Education. Health care. He's fabulous."

They both vowed to do more for his campaign. Others also were wowed.

He said the Nevada caucuses will help define the national race.

"We are going to be competing actively and vigorously," he said.

Obama spent the morning in Carson City, where he met with about 50 voters at Comma Coffee before going across the street to speak with legislators.

He arrived in Reno about 1 p.m. and found a welcoming audience. A long line of people stretched along Arlington Avenue before gates opened and the crowd covered much of the island at Wingfield Park, most spectators standing for more than an hour in the 90-degree weather before Obama's speech began.

"It's really encouraging to see him here," said Connie Douglas of Spanish Springs. "I think he offers a fresh voice, which we need."

"I think he's fabulous," said Jan Corbelli of Reno. "We need fresh energy, and he definitely personifies that."

Elko Daily Free Press (AP): Obama sees political gains in conservative Nevada

Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama predicted Thursday he’ll run well in politically conservative Nevada, one of the earliest primary states, comparing it to his home state of Illinois.


“One of the reasons I’m a U.S. senator is that I got strong support from places like southern Illinois where it’s about as rural and southern as you get,” Obama said.

“These are areas back in my home state that are pro-gun, very religious and with low minority populations — and we have consistently done well because I think there is a set of common values that people share.”

“If people feel you’re respectful and taking the time to talk to them, if you care about the things they care about, then you can do well regardless of what your background is,” Obama said.

The Sparks Tribune (with pictures): Obama in northern Nevada - Presidential candidate stirs crowd with first Reno visit

“I am confident in my capacity to lead this country,” Obama said. “I am confident in your desire to turn the page, but I can’t do it on my own. I can only do it with all of you. I can only do it because you decide that this campaign is a vehicle for your hopes and your dreams.”

Obama’s speech left many confident in his ability to lead this country as well.

“He’s saying what everybody’s feeling in the country,” Mark Hankins said. “He has the 21st century degree of courage that Martin Luther King had in the 60s. I’ve always been for hope and that’s what Barack Obama offers.”

BJ Olson, of Reno, shared similar sentiments and said she supports Obama because he’s for the working class.

“He’s young and fresh and wasn’t born with a silver spoon,” Olson said. “Everything he promised, he’s going to work for just as he’s been doing his whole life.”

Las Vegas Review-Journal: Presidential Politics: Obama campaigns in Reno

Obama said his would be a grass-roots campaign that would get people excited to participate.

"My campaign is bringing in new people," he said. "It's galvanizing a new generation of voters, and we have the capacity to break out of the political gridlock we've been involved in for a long time."

Some of those new people might not be old enough to vote. Thirteen-year-old Ryan Dhindsa has had fundraisers at his Reno school for the cause to end the genocide in Sudan's Darfur region.

Dhindsa and a friend were impressed that Obama mentioned Darfur, if only in passing. Dhindsa brought his mother, Shilpa Dhindsa, 42, and she liked what she heard, too.

"I hadn't listened to him at all before," she said of Obama. Her biggest priority, she said, is "putting an end to the war. That's the most important thing to me."


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