Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Obama's and Hillary's Online Nevada Headquarters Up & Running

Bill Richardson is not the only candidate anymore with an online presence focused on Nevada. Both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton now have online "Nevada Headquarters" up and running. When you take a look at what other states thus far have special pages at these candidates' campaign sites, you'll find New Hampshire and Iowa at Richardson's, Obama's, Edwards', and Hillary's site, South Carolina at Richardson's and Obama's site and Illinois only at Obama's site. This once again goes to prove the importance of the Nevada Caucus in the Democratic Party's primary process.

Do you live in Nevada and are a supporter of Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, Bill Richardson, or Barack Obama? Then join the Nevada for Hillary Clinton, Nevada for John Edwards, Nevada for Bill Richardson, or Nevada for Barack Obama groups at the Democratic Party's PartyBuilder social networking site.

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