Friday, June 15, 2007

Yucca Opponent Newest Member of Hillary's Nevada Team

Las Vegas CityLife reports that Peggy Maze Johnson, the former executive director of Citizen Alert, joined Hillary Clinton's Nevada campaign this month. Citizen Alert is best known for its efforts in opposing the nuclear waste dump at Yucca Mountain.

"The bottom line is the best way to defeat Yucca Mountain is to elect a Democrat, and I believe that Democrat is going to be Hillary Clinton," said Johnson, who has worked for Citizen Alert since 2002. "She's absolutely right on Nevada issues and Yucca Mountain, in particular."

The Hillary Clinton campaigns enthusiasm seems mutual:

"Peggy Maze Johnson has been a stalwart on the political scene," said Hilarie Grey, communications director of Clinton's Nevada campaign. "She has great networks. She knows about all the issues. She understands what's going to be important for Nevada in this presidential election. The experience she brings is going to be a great asset to our campaign and Hillary Clinton's efforts to win the Nevada caucus."

One could argue that this kind of a recruitment might be more important for Hillary's campaign in the long run than the big-name endorsements of (former) elected officials like Gov. Miller and Sen. Titus as the Las Vegas Sun writes that endorsements are not as important anymore as they once used to be.

Do you live in Nevada and are a supporter of Hillary Clinton? Then join the Nevada for Hillary Clinton group at the Democratic Party's PartyBuilder social networking site.

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NO-BS said...

"Citizen Alert is best known for its efforts to oppose Yucca Mountain." BS! The group is now best known for being a traitor to its rural Nevada roots! Johnson is a pom pom girl for the Las Vegas Water Grab. They have ZERO credibility.