Friday, June 29, 2007

The Most Ridiculous Fundraising Email Ever

When one is on the email list of a presidential candidate (or in my case of every presidential candidate) one has to bare a lot of b.s. mails, especially at the end of quarter when all the fundraising mails are sent out.

One tries to take it in stride. However that is not always possible. Here is the most ludicrous, ridiculous, idiotic fundraising email yet:

Looking for another reason to support Joe Biden for President? We promise that during a Biden Administration, Dick Cheney will not be a member of the EXECUTIVE OR LEGISLATIVE branch of government.

Support Joe Biden for President. There's one day left before the second quarter filing deadline.
Make a contribution by midnight Saturday.

Good Lord!


cls said...

Yep, I got this one too. Bad, really, really bad.

Tom said...

Funny stuff.

Cheney has no plans to run for Senate or the House, but let's assume he does. I'm curious. How exactly would Biden in the White House keep him out of office if he won?