Thursday, June 28, 2007

In Nevada, Hillary Clinton Gets Biggest Endorsement Yet

Today, Hillary Clinton received the biggest endorsement in her quest to win the Nevada Caucus as of yet. State Treasurer Kate Marshall of Reno is the latest edition to Hillary's growing Nevada endorsement list:

Marshall, a Democrat who was first elected in November, said she is endorsing Clinton because of Clinton’s fiscal policies.

“It is all to do with her fiscal policy,” Marshall said. “I like her comment on government reform. I really appreciate that she no longer wants to be a debtor nation and that we need to live within our means. She doesn’t believe that tax dollars represent an unlimited credit card.”

Marshall said Clinton understand the importance of the business sector in shaping a strong economy.

“She is the candidate who understand that you can’t have a strong economy without a strong business community,” Marshall said. “She talks about shared prosperity. In other to make the economy strong, you have to have a strong business community and you have to have a strong work force. These two are codependent and I like it when I hear someone identify the fact that we need a strong business community.”

Now, there have been other endorsements before Marshall. They are Clark County Commissioner Rory Reid, State Senate Min. Leader Dina Titus, former Gov. Bob Miller, and former Attorney General Frankie Sue del Papa.

Why does Marshall's endorsement eclipse those of the other important current and former officials. Three reasons:

  • Kate Marshall is the only current statewide official so far to endorse any candidate.
  • Kate Marshall is the only northern Nevadan to endorse any candidate. She is also the only Democratic northern Nevadan statewide official.
  • Kate Marshall is a rising star in Nevada. She is a possible candidate for any higher office, including Governor, US House and Senate.

All in all, she was the top prize in northern Nevada. And Hillary snatched her.

Do you live in Nevada and are a supporter of Hillary Clinton? Then join the Nevada for Hillary Clinton group at the Democratic Party's PartyBuilder social networking site.

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