Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Saying Good-Bye to "Nevada Caucus 2008"

It's been a fun time writing this blog but today I'm saying good-bye to "Nevada Caucus 2008". As you have probably noticed I launched My Silver State - Nevada's first progressive community blog - last week. While some consider me the "German blog magnate" (never had a nickname, thanks Gleaner!), I really do have my limits.

I will continue writing about the Nevada Caucus, only at a different venue - My Silver State. There you can also enjoy other viewpoints and "join the conversation" (as Hillary would say) by registering and writing comments and diaries.

That said, I will continue to write from time to time on my first blog, Turn Tahoe Blue, as I also cover California politics there. Furthermore, Helluva Heller will continue to run as a one stop spot for everything Heller and I will cross-post most of what I write there to My Silver State.

Nevada Caucus 2008 will however not be deleted - for archival reasons.

Thank you for reading my blog and commenting here. I hope to see you at My Silver State!

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