Friday, April 06, 2007

Official Nevada Caucus Website Online

While taking part in a conference call earlier this year I was asked whether this blog was the official Nevada Caucus website to which my reply was "this blog is as unofficial as it gets." Therefore, I'm quite glad that you can now also enjoy the official website.

The Nevada Democratic Presidential Caucus website was launched today and I must say that it is surprisingly good. Some of the features:

  • An overview of events related to the caucus on the frontpage
  • Different resources, like the caucus rules and a (still empty) discussion board
  • Contact information for the county parties and the candidates
You can also register and get e-mail updates and information on your caucus should you be a Nevada voter.

That said, I noticed that something was missing: a blog.

Which I'm not complaining about too much, as my little blog has to be good for something and better no blog than one which is not updated. However, when you click the "In the Press" button you get a feeling that they take this quite literally. They quote stories from papers from in and out of state, yet they don't quote any blogs, neither national nor local, not even the internet paper Nevada Today.

All in all, this new website is a very good resource!

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