Monday, April 23, 2007

Sig Rogich Contributes to a Democrat

Sig Rogich donated to a Democratic presidential candidate.

No, this is not a joke:

Among Richardson's contributors in the first-quarter presidential fundraising reports that were released last week was well-known Las Vegas Republican consultant Sig Rogich, who is one of the top fundraisers for McCain's campaign.

Rogich said he and Richardson are "really, really, really good friends" who like to go to boxing matches and usually have dinner when Richardson is in Las Vegas.

"I'm all for John McCain. I think he'll make a great president," Rogich said. "But I definitely think Bill Richardson is capable to lead the country."

Yeah, the former White House Senior Assistant to Bush I, the Gibbons puppet master and current National Finance Co-Chairman for the Republican Governor’s Association gave money to a really, really, really Democratic presidential candidate. And he maxed out as well, giving the maximum $2,300 for the primary.

Other, less significant party line crossers are business execs in the Casino and developer industries who apparently want to make sure they've contributed to the next President, no matter who he or she is.

All the snuggly details (and why University Chancellor Jim Rogers is hosting a fundraiser for Richardson) can be found in today's LVRJ "Political Notebook" by Molly Ball.

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