Thursday, March 08, 2007

Differing Thoughts on the Fox News Debate

Contrary to Nevada Dem Party Chair Tom Collins believe that his proposed changes to the Fox News Debate would quiet things down, tensions seem to be rising.

Carson City Democrats passed a resolution against the debate last night:

Carson City Democratic Central Committee
March 7, 2007

WHEREAS, Fox News is not a neutral source of news – it’s a right-wing mouthpiece like Rush Limbaugh that smears Democrats and spreads blatantly false information; and

WHEREAS, Democrats granting Fox News the illusion of credibility would allow Fox to more easily “swiftboat” our 2008 candidates by pushing false Republican attacks into the mainstream media; and

WHEREAS, everyone supports reaching out to new people, but 1 day of Fox coverage is not worth legitimizing Fox’s misinformation the other 364 days a year; and

WHEREAS, plenty of better alternatives exist to Fox News – in Nevada, MSNBC plus its NBC affiliates, for example, get approximately double the viewers of Fox cable plus its local affiliates; and

WHEREAS, we believe that Democrats need to fight back against Fox News and the right-wing smear machine in the 2008 election cycle—not enable it.

BE IT RESOLVED, the Carson City Democratic Central Committee opposes the proposal to let Fox News host a Democratic presidential debate and strongly urges the Nevada Democratic Party to drop that proposal.

Of course, this got the attention of Kos.

Meanwhile, some are not so happy with the actions of national blogs and Cls at Blue Lyon is not too happy with what's been happening. His conclusion: "I'm done with"

An excerpt:

And now, they are at it again. Yeah, yeah, they hate Fox. So do I.

But they are attacking the Nevada Democratic Party and right now have an email out calling on its members to phone the state Dem office to object to the Fox debate. So, the phones are jammed down south, and any work that should be getting done with regards to our upcoming caucus is on hold. All hands are on deck fielding calls and the circular firing squad is in full swing.

And while MoveOn is great about publishing everyone else's phone numbers, if anyone can find a phone number to contact them anywhere on their site, please leave it in the comments, because I can't find it.

I'm done. MoveOn, Kiss Off.

No doubt, the decision to let Fox News host a Democratic presidential debate has surely caused some bad blood. All around. Well done, Mr. Collins. In the end I can only agree with Michael Zahara:

Mike Zahara, an at-large delegate to the state party's executive board who has been critical of the Fox debate, said he appreciated the party's efforts, but that the candidates themselves would ultimately determine the event's fate.

They sure will. Currently Richardson is in, Edwards is out and everybody else is non-committal.

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