Sunday, March 11, 2007

LVRJ = Fox News! Says the LVRJ Editorial Board

So, the Las Vegas Review Journal editorial board went into ultra ranting mode over the cancelled Fox News debate. A rant which was conveniently linked to by both the Drudge Report and Any questions?

Well, yeah, actually. When you're in ranting mode over at your damn fine journalistic institution do you actually proof read your rant? What's that? No, you don't? Well, I didn't think so:

Hard-core liberals can't stand the Fox News Channel. Passing a television that's tuned to the conservative favorite forces many of them to close their eyes, cover their ears and scream, "La la la la la la la la la!" Then they dash to their computers and fire off 2,500 e-mails condemning the outlet, none of which are ever read. (Emphasis added)

Where did they come up with the "2,500 emails" part? Funny thing is, if you actually read Saturday's edition of the LVRJ you can easily figure out that the editorial board is not talking about the Fox News debate here, it is talking about itself. Here is their account of the Fox News cancellation:

The Democratic Party since had been hit with phone calls, e-mails, media attention and an online petition signed by more than 260,000 people, according to (Emphais added)

Ain't that just a little discrepancy. And here is their statement on their own little controversy - why they are sticking with dumbpundit Ann Coulter:

Several newspapers have dropped conservative syndicated columnist Ann Coulter from their pages after she used a homosexual slur last week, but two Nevada newspapers won't be joining the list.

The Review-Journal inbox has been flooded with more than 2,000 e-mails calling for the column's demise, but editorial page editor John Kerr said he would continue treating Coulter's columns as he always has -- by reading and running them on a case-by-case basis. (Emphasis added)

Essentially, the LVRJ was royally pissed about getting hit with a barrage of e-mails asking them to drop Coulter. What better way to let off steam about that than using the Fox News debate cancellation!

Thank God for Freudian slips! And good to know that letters to the editor of the Las Vegas Review Journal are never read if they contain an opinion contrary to LVRJ editorial board believes.

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