Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Does Obama Even Care About Nevada?

While Obama volunteers in Nevada are busy and doing one "Obama walk" after the other (even in Elko), Obama himself doesn't seem to care too much about Nevada.

At least he hasn't been to the state too much. After he missed out on the AFSCME forum in Carson City one would have thought that he'd make that up by traveling to Northern Nevada soon after. Yet, three months later, and nothing happened. Obama's been a total of two times in Nevada, both times in Las Vegas. He ranks at the bottom of the list of candidates:

Richardson: 14
Dodd: 7
Edwards: 5
Biden: 4
Clinton: 4
Kucinich: 4
Gravel: 3
Obama: 2

(numbers via MyDD, via Washington Post)

Obama was on top of the list in primary contributions in the first quarter and the two men with the least money managed to travel to Nevada more often than he did? Are you serious?

All I can decypher from this is the following: currently Senator Obama is not seriously competing in Nevada. If he wants to compete here, he needs to visit and talk to the voters. He really has to make up some ground. So it better be a real visit and not just a quick stop in Reno on the way to another California fundraiser. Otherwise he might just surrender Nevada to either Hillary or Edwards who have both been to Northern Nevada more than once.


Mike said...

He should be in Reno within
a couple of weeks.

All those states moving up to
Feb. 5th have all the candidates
focusing on a bunch of other states.

It doesn't matter right now. On the first walk (last Saturday) everyone said it was "too early".
Only us politics addicts are keeping score on Obama's visits to Nevada. (In the area I walked, everyone was undecided except for two Obama supporters. No one complained about Obama not coming to Reno as yet.)

RENObama! said...

RENObama! is awaiting word on BARACK'S 1ST RENO VISIT momentarily! We may be announcing VERY SOON. (Sooner than you think....) =:- }

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cls said...

Will that be the only time we see him? One visit? Or are there plans for him coming out to the rurals?