Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Hey Candidates, Want Some Support in the Rurals?

Do you? Well, first you'd probably need to travel there, like Sen. Chris Dodd did recently when he went to Pahrump in Nye County. Another thing that might help is the fact that there are actually elected Democratic officials in the rurals. Yeah, who'd have thunk it. Not the Nevada Democratic State Party as they only feature elected officials from Washoe and Clark counties on their website.

Anyhow, here's the list:

Churchill County:

Vicky Tripp, County Recorder
John Serpa, County Public Administrator

Elko County:

Mike Nannini, County Commissioner

Esmeralda County:

Nancy Boland, County Commissioner
R.J. Gillum, County Commissioner
Karen Scott, County Auditor/Recorder

Eureka County:

Michael Rebaleati, County Recorder/Auditor

Lander County:

Gladys Burris, County Clerk

Lincoln County:

Bill Lloyd, County Commissioner
Leslie Boucher, County Recorder/Auditor
Kathy Hiatt, County Treasurer
Tommy Rowe, County Commissioner

Mineral County:

Ed Fowler, County Commissioner
Richard Bryant, County Commissioner
Cheri Emm-Smith, District Attorney

Nye County:

Gary Budahl, County Treasurer
Sandra Musselman, County Assessor

Pershing County:

Roger Mancebo, County Commissioner
Celeste Hamilton, County Assessor
Donna Giles, County Clerk/Treasurer
Darlene Moura, Recorder/Auditor
Dave Ayoob, County Commissioner

Storey County:

Harold Swafford, District Attorney

White Pine County:

Robert Bishop, County Assessor
RaLeene Makley, County Commissioner
Martha Rivera Sindelar, County Recorder

I don't lay any claim to the accuracy of this list, as I actually had to research it since Nevada Dems apparently don't like to advertise the fact that they have elected officials in the rurals. Still, maybe you'd like to contact a couple of them and try to score a nice endorsement?

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