Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Endorsements, Endorsements, Endorsements

A lot of things are happening on the endorsements front, some of that in Nevada:

  • Hillary Clinton will formally get the endorsement of former Nevada Governor Bob Miller today (who's son, btw, is now the Secretary of State). As almost every other endorsee he also gets to co-chair something, in this case it's the "Governor's Council" - Las Vegas Sun.
  • Hillary was also endorsed by pastor Dr. Robert Fowler. Never heard of him but Obama's candidacy is apparently reason enough to round up as many African American endorsements as she can get. This was announced on a conference call by Rory Reid, on which the Las Vegas Gleaner was happy to listen in - Las Vegas Sun, Las Vegas Gleaner.
  • Neither Chris Wicker (Washoe County Dems Chair) nor Assembly member Sheila Leslie have endorsed Barack Obama (yet) but they both seem to be very enthused - Reno Gazette-Journal.
  • And if you want an overview of gubernatorial and congressional endorsements you're best served by taking a look at (Governors, pdf) and The Hill (Congress).

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