Friday, May 11, 2007

USA Today Quotes from my Interview with Elizabeth Kucinich

USA Today yesterday published an article on Michelle Obama. In a sidebar box they also took a look at other prospective first ladies. For each person they printed a quote "on her role as first lady". Elizabeth Edwards' quote came from ABC's nightline, Ann Romney's and Cindy McCain's from Larry King Live. So far, so good.

What astounded me was that they quoted Elizabeth Kucinich from my interview with her in Heidelberg in March:

We're a joint ticket, a team. We share the same perspective.

Though, they cut it a little short as Elizabeth Kucinich said: "We share the same perspective of America and the world." Anyhow, that interview did make the rounds in the last couple of weeks. I had way more than 1,000 visits to my blog because it was linked to by the Huffington Post' BuzzFeed. Among 17 items about Elizabeth Kucinich, the Nevada Caucus 2008 interview with her ranked 2nd.

So, while Shelley Berkley doesn't deem blogs worthy of attention, it's good to know that Elizabeth Kucinich and USA Today clearly do.

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