Monday, February 12, 2007

AFL-CIO to Announce Endorsement After Las Vegas Meeting

This campaign season is getting weirder and weirder, in that Nevada seems to get more prominent. The Hotline On Call blog reports that the AFL-CIO will announce its endorsement earlier than usual, and apparently will make its decision in Las Vegas, hopefully not under the influence of gambling and drinking:

According to AFL-CIO spokesperson Steve Smith, they are "working out details right now" for their WH '08 endorsement and are likely to announce their decision in early March, following their first Executive Council Meeting since the Nov. '06 elections in Las Vegas, NV, March 6th - 8th.

Each of the 54 national and international labor unions within the AFL-CIO has their own respective endorsement processes and must be considered in forming the general AFL-CIO endorsement. The AFL-CIO endorsed Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) in Feb. '04, but Smith noted they "do not usually" make their endorsement decision as early as they plan to this cycle.

From the speculation that I've seen, both Hillary and Edwards are the favourites to get this endorsement. This early decision is obviously bad news for the underdogs.

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cls said...

So, they are making the assumption that no other candidates will enter the field?

Locking themselves into an endorsement this early is just silly.