Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Vilsack on Nevada

Gov. Tom Vilsack came over to Daily Kos this morning to write about his stance on the Iraq war and answer a few questions.

I had the chance to get my question in early and the governor actually answered it:

  • Nevada (3+ / 0-)


    thank you for being here. I write a blog called Nevada Caucus 2008 and was wondering what your thoughts on Nevada are and what you believe are the most important issues to voters in Nevada and how you would tackle them.

    Thank you.

    • * [new] RE: Nevada (3+ / 0-)

      The first 4 states: Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, and South Carolina are extremely important in light of the condensed calendar with large states moving their primaries even earlier. It will enhance the importance of doing well in the first four states.

      The issues I believe Nevadans care about are the same as most Americans: the Iraq War, our continued dependence on foreign oil, a health care system that fails to provide affordable and accessible coverage for all of our country, and an education system that is not doing enough to prepare our young people for the extraordinary challenges they will face in the competitive global economy.

      But specific to Nevada -- Yucca Mountain, real immigration reform, and sustainable growth are other issues that we need to talk about.

      But, I want to hear from you as a Nevadan. What do you think the issues are?

      • * [new] Thanks for your answer (1+ / 0-)

        While I am not living in Nevada (I write my blog from Germany), I have just been to Nevada in January and it seems to me that two of the most pressing issue are universal health care (400,000 Nevadans are uninsured - one of the highest rates in the US) and, as you mentioned, sustainable growth. In this respect the water problem is especially critical.

        Again, thank you for your answer.

There was also a more specific question to Yucca Mountain by another commenter. Here's that exchange:

My Question (4+ / 0-)

is what do you think we should do with nuclear waste? what about Yucca mountain? where should it be housed Do you think more nuclear or more coal is better (if you can't choose alternatives...)

* [new] RE: My Question (8+ / 0-)

The science on Yucca Mountain is not sound and we should not move forward with any plans for the nuclear waste dump.

As President I will work with Senator Reid to make sure we have a safe, long term, and scientifically proven solution to deal with the nuclear waste in this country.

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