Saturday, February 10, 2007

Obama Announces

Today, Barack Obama announced his run for the White House. He staged in Springfield, Illinois, the site where President Abraham Lincoln, himself an inexperienced state politician from Illinois, announced his campaign for the Presidency that changed America.

You can watch the announcement speech on his website. After having to deal with his, let's say limited, exploratory website for a couple of weeks, I'm quite surprised by the website that they put up now. The idea of is incredible. And it seems to be in high demand already. There are numerous groups. If you are an Obama supporter you might want to consider to join. It's interesting.


I run two blogs. Nevada Caucus 2008 is relatively new and strictly limited to news about the Nevada Caucus. My older blog Turn Tahoe Blue has been around for quite a while now and sometimes I can and will be quite opionated on TTB. This includes my support for Barack Obama. You can read more on that here.

On Nevada Caucus 2008 I try to remain as objective as humanly possible and will try to report on all candidates in an open-minded manner and will not give preferential treatment to Barack Obama. I will however criticize and praise the candidates when they deserve it, no matter my personal preference.

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