Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Wow! I must say, I'm really baffled that neither friend nor foe of last year's Democratic gubernatorial nominee Dina Titus came up with this one. Thanks for the folks at the Politico!

As most Democratic officials in Nevada have declared not to endorse anyone for the Nevada Caucus for the greater good of Nevada (?), the Politico's Michael Squires thinks Senate Minority Leader Dina Titus's endorsement will be one of the big prizes in Nevada:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is Nevada's highest-ranking politician -- ever. But the veteran Democratic politician has vowed to remain neutral.

That has some believing the big endorsement "get" will be state Sen. Dina Titus, who narrowly lost a bid for governor last year. But her Team Titus grass-roots operation was impressive and continues to demonstrate its ability to put butts in the seats.

A recent appearance by former Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack in southern Nevada drew 100 people, about half of whom were furnished by Titus operatives, the types of Democratic activists expected to turn out in droves and decide the outcome of the caucuses.

I wonder who's gonna get her endorsement. Is it gonna go to Vilsack or one of the other candidates who helped in her gubernatorial campaign. Two people who did not show up for Dina were Hillary Clinton (she had to cancel her rally due to some emergency business in New York) and Barack Obama who hasn't been to Nevada at all in the last election cycle. So, maybe Richardson and Edwards have a shot at getting it as well.

For more thoughts on the Nevada Caucus read Michael Squires's article.

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