Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Two Nevada Democrats and Their Differing Views on the Fox Debate

After the publisher of Nevada Today (and the 2004 Democratic nominee against Rep. Jon Porter (R)), Tom Gallagher, published his rant against the blogs under the headline "Netroots or nutroots - it's not the medium, it's the message, stupid" on Monday, we find a counter argument today by Michael Zahara, a Clark County member of the Nevada State Democratic Party's Executive Board. Let's just say that he ain't happy:

It is relatively rare that I am in complete agreement with the liberal wing of my own party, but on this matter they, not we, are absolutely correct.

In the case of the decision to include FOX News in our partisan pre-caucus debate this August, apparently those who made this decision forgot who and what FOX News is and who and what our opponents are. This was not a NV Dems decision, this was a unilateral move without the consultation of the Executive Board of the Democratic Party of the State of Nevada, nor the executive boards of the other sponsor states.


We got 'out-foxed' by FOX News and the RNC. I've known for a few decades that there are many wings to our party, but until this ill-conceived decision, I had no idea there was also a masochist wing.

We don't grow our voter base by including highly partisan FOX News in our own partisan pre-caucus debate mix. We grow it by actually working the Western states for the first time in decades and our candidates have all pledged to do just that.

There's more where that is coming from. I can only urge you to read the whole thing.

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