Monday, February 19, 2007

Reports on Obama in Vegas

Barack Obama was in Las Vegas yesterday and apparently he made quite a splash. Somewhere between 1,000 (a blogger's count) and 3,500 (a reporter's count) people attended the rally. Unfortunately, he had so little time that he did not take any questions. Maybe next time around.

Read more about yesterday's rally:

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Barack the vote (Nevada Today)

Barack Obama will be the only candidate not taking part in Wednesday AFSCME forum in Carson City. There are some rumblings about it in the Nevada blogosphere as Obam will actually be in LA the night before the forum and could have stopped by the forum before going to Iowa. It remains to be seen how this will play out with caucus goers in Northern Nevada and whether anyone will still remember it in 11 months:

Obama's Nevada Flyover (Taylor Marsh)

Obama's Nevada Fly-over (Reno and Its Discontent)

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