Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Kucinich: "It Must be Hard for Candidates To Admit They Were Misled by George Bush"

"Here's one who wasn't misled by George Bush." Kucinich talks about his leadership in the House against the Iraq war. He wants to get out of Iraq, close all bases. Calls for reparations to the Iraqi people, stop "stealing oil from the Iraqi people". Gets an audible response from the audience when he asks what the reason for the Iraq war was: "Oil!"

Calls the health care debate "one of the biggest frauds". Says his plans doesn't provide for a role for insurance companies. Says the other plans are not "legit". Says the Democratic Party shouldn't be the party of the insurance people.

Says NAFTA, WTO trade agreements were bad for worker rights everywhere, not just in America. He wants to go back to bi-lateral trade. The audience cheers.

This format was much better for Kucinich than the DNC meeting in Washington. Kucinich just bombed in DC but the audience liked and cheered him in Carson City. However, at the end he overdid it again with the "you need a President with no strings" part.

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