Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Little Fellow

Vilsack starts off with a "I'm not going to talk about" and then goes straight ahead mentioning everyone anyhow. But he wants to talk about "a little fellow" he met, a five year old who asked him about Iraq and if more troops would help. The boy told him he was scared. Vilsack thinks children in America shouldn't be scared.

Therefore, troops should be withdrawn. He wants Congress to act, stop funding the war in Iraq. He wants the money going to Iraq being invested in America instead.

"You know folks, this is America!" Vilsack is now talking about health care. "Make health care a priority, not Iraq!"

After the questions he got a rather long, respectful applause.

Another child story. He clearly loves this one. And he sure doesn't forget to mention his orphanage background.

He's clearly taking the populist route. Wonder how ├╝ber populist Edwards is gonna beat that.

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