Sunday, February 04, 2007

Richardson in Minden - Agrees to Early Nevada Debates

Now that I'm back to Germany, the candidates start flocking to Nevada. I'm a little disappointed to have missed out on them. However, it's good to see that a place like Minden will not only have a say in who will be the next President of the United States but that the people of Minden actually have the opportunity to get to know some of the candidates.

Bill Richardson, along with yet not declared but probable candidate Wesley Clark, is seen as a favourite in Nevada since the New Mexico Governor is the only westerner in the race. His visit to Minden (and Reno) was a strategic one and it may be smart of him to come here early and try to cement his pundit given frontrunner status.

Unlike Tim Russert, who is still under the impression that Yucca Mountain is the most pressing issue in Nevada, Bill Richardson is better informed:
But Richardson is the only Westerner among the many candidates. While not sure he can carry Nevada, he said he's dealt with Western issues such as water and public lands and "our next president must understand these unique challenges facing the American West."

Richardson knows that Nevada's caucus is his best shot among the first primary and caucus states:
Richardson also said he's the first Democrat to accept an invitation to appear in two candidate forums in the state -- Feb. 21 in Carson City and March 24 in Las Vegas. He also pledged to campaign in all 17 Nevada counties.

Richardson is the first candidate to announce hiring staff to organize his campaign in Nevada. Reynaldo Martinez, a former aide to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, is his statewide campaign chairman.
It will be interesting to see Richardson campaign in conservative strongholds like Battle Mountain and Elko. Looking forward to that!

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