Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Hillary Getting Booed and Hackled

It may be that the livestream is sending out a weird sound but I thought I made out a few boos and at least one hackler in the audience when Hillary came on stage. There clearly are a several Hillary supporters as the cheering seemed to be at least equal to the booing.

Again, she refused to say her Iraq vote was a mistake. This wasn't too well received, though the reaction could clearly have been worse.

However, she does do her best to lighten things up by joking about her health care scars. Talking about health insurance is obviously one of her strong points.

Ooh, a Kennedy quote. And, oh my God, she just compared herself to Kennedy saying that she wants every person in America insured by the end of the (next? - I didn't quite get that one) decade.

Instead of answering whether or not Obama should denounce David Geffen, who had some choice words for the Clintons yesterday, she said she was happy to be in Carson City. Ouch!

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