Thursday, February 01, 2007

Looking Back on January

While I was in the States for the last three weeks, I did get a chance to see a lot of the brouhaha on TV but had hardly a chance to blog about it. So, here is a little January recap.

Candidates announcing in January:

Chris Dodd, Joe Biden

Candidates kinda announcing in January:

Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bill Richardson

Candidates giving up, before announcing, in January:

John Kerry

Candidates waiting for awards (think Oscar and Nobel Peace Prize) before announcing in the fall:

Al Gore

That's basically it. Now, we're just waiting for some of them to show up. I know Edwards has been here. But other than that it is starting to look like this is Bill Richardson's state to lose. Wonder when the big guns will show up. And who of them will actually go into the wild, wild west like Battle Mountain, Ely or Pahrump? Or will they all just stay in Vegas, Reno and Carson Valley? We'll wait and see.

Less than 12 months until the caucus...

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