Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Edwards Indirectly Disses Hillary: "We need a leader who will take responsibility"

Edwards starts off with his minimum wage initiative and plays the organized labour "and I've been running a poverty center for the last couple of years" card. Edwards just looooves unions.

Now, he's quoting Martin Luther King, Jr. He wants to start putting universal health care into place the second he takes office. Edwards also challenges every candidate to say how they're gonna pay for universal health care. He wants to take back some of Bush's tax cuts.

Iraq: "we need a leader who tells the truth, who will take responsibility" referencing six years with Bush and his admission that he made a mistake when voting for the war. Wham, if that wasn't a clear slap in the face of Hillary Clinton.

George got it too. Edwards says it's not for him to judge her. It's "her conscience."

But is Edwards just always taking the popular stance, George asks. Edwards response that it's up to the voters to judge.

"We have to be smarter about the effects of globalization". Solutions: Better education, easier college access and a trade policy "that works". Not fair trade, not free trade but "smart trade". He calls for international labor standards.

Final words: small baby steps are not enough. We need to take big steps.

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